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Astraterra RPG English Edition Coming Soon!

Posted by on 25.5.2020
The Explorer's Guide cover art

The English edition of Astraterra has been in the works for a few years now. It was actually almost done once already, but as the Finnish 2nd edition was published, the English edition was put on hold.

Now, I’m very excited to tell you that the translation has moved forward and I expect the two core books, The Explorer’s Guide and The Gate Master’s Handbook to be translated by the end of June and the PDFs should be on DrivethruRPG by the end of July or early August. The Print-on-demand version will be available soon after this.

The Explorer’s Guide includes all the rules needed to play steam fantasy adventures in the world of Astraterra. It has the basic world description, rules for play, character creation, adventuring equipment, and even a few creatures to start with.

The Gate Master’s Handbook is a book mean especially for the GMs. It has a more detailed world description, some advanced rules, guidelines for creating your own adventures, and a collection of unique creatures and wondrous astratech items of the Ancestors.

I’ll be updating this website during the upcoming weeks and I’ll share more news and some previews as I have the first versions of the layout done.

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